V900-S charging the 1/8 mile drag at Irwindale Raceway

After months of design and engineering, we are proud to release power figures for our Vendetta Huracán V900|S Twin Turbo Package.  The ‘900’ represents the power the engine makes with our system, while the ‘S’ stands for ‘Street’ meaning the package is 50-State CARB Legal. Making it the world’s street Huracan first twin turbo!

Months of ECU calibration testing on the dyno and perfecting street drivability, we’ve designed the perfect addition to the Huracán in both street or track applications.  Running on 91 octane fuel, the Vendetta V900|S Package makes 760 whp and 510 wtq, while keeping temperatures very cool.

We introduced launch-control or as Lamborghini calls it ‘Thrust Mode’ on a closed course, we were very happy with the results.


50 State CARB Legal  

 2 Year Warranty