Vendetta Twin Turbo Huracan attending Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo

The Vendetta Lambo’s first Cars and Coffee event in Aliso Viejo was a success!  The initial drive through Laguna Canyon SR133 was absolutely phenomenal. Hearing the external wastegates opening up and echoing off roadway was sensational. Back to the event.

So many makes and models attended the packed parking lot at 6:00 am on Saturday, that finding a spot to park the 900 hp twin turbo Huracán posed to be a bit of a problem.

While snaking through the crowd, attendees watched the blue twin turbo Lamborghini pass by and heard the whistles of the ball bearing twin turbos coming from the back, a sound rather uncommon for the Huracán.  After we parked, the response was incredible from the friendly and curious people of Cars and Coffee.

Overall, the event was well organized. There were no hiccups or confusion, which was great! It was a pleasure to talk about cars and hangout with great enthusiasts.

We will post events we plan to attend ahead of time on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Join us!

Thank You Hunter Swift for getting footage of our twin turbo 900 hp Huracan