M157 High Flow Air Filters

M157 High Flow Air Filters

M157 Turbocharger Upgrade

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After years of testing, we at Dime Racing are proud to announce the release of the M157 Turbocharger impeller and Turbine upgrade. As a Stage 2 upgrade, this turbo package receives a larger proprietary impeller wheel that is up to 40% more efficient than that of the factory along with a larger turbine wheel which drops exhaust back pressures and allows the engine to produce even higher power levels. With this we also CNC machine the compressor housing to perfectly match the impeller and turbine wheel and finally high-speed balance the complete turbocharger to ensure proper reliability and performance.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Dime Racing Impeller Wheel Specifically Designed for the M157 Engine
  • Precision High-Speed Balanced
  • Completely Rebuilt Internals with New Bearings and Supports
  • Can produce up to 800HP at the wheels with supporting modifications
  • Stand-out Dime Racing Gold Anodized Impeller Wheel