What an amazing event it was!

Back in December 3rd, 2016 Team Dime Racing set out to display a few baseline runs with their V900|S Twin Turbo Package and ran an astonishing 10.01 at 145.7 MPH with an otherwise stock Huracán. Well things got very exciting at this year’s Fuel Run! Dime Racing was able to seal the top spot for the quickest and fastest car of the event running an even more astonishing 9.68 at 151.7 MPH!

This time Dime Racing made a few small tweaks to the car to help achieve these times. Adding a set of Toyo R888r rear tires allowed the car to put the power down more efficently and a set of their very innovative Carbon Fiber Air Box’s gave the car a serious edge, allowing it to breathe fresh air while charging down the track!