Long Beach Grand Prix, 2017

April 9th, 2017:

The team at Dime Racing was very excited to debut the first and only Lamborghini Huracan GT3 to the Pirelli World Challenge. 2017 was a year of many exciting changes for the Dime Racing Team. Racing the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Huracan GT3 was one of the major changes from last years AMG Customer Sports SLS GT3. Running the GT pro class with Jonathan Summerton behind the wheel was the next. Jonathan’s pace in the Huracan GT3 proved to be championship contending, and the team was very excited to gather valuable data at Long Beach to further the developments throughout the season.

When in Rome….

Qualifying 15th gave us a idea of what changes needed to be made the setup. We also knew that we had to keep it clean during the race. Long Beach is a tight track and the odds are always against you. Come Sunday, we were excited to hit the track and serge past the competition. 17 minutes into the race, we get a red flag. Jonathan radios in, “There’s a flood!”. Panic starts to set in as we radio back. “Are you okay?!”

In the parking lot near the back straight, a fire truck hit a fire hydrant and spewed enough water on the track, that the cars came back to the paddock soaking wet! A 30 minute red flag, and a permanent yellow flag with no passing down the back straight proved to be a safe but repetitive race. This did make for many Long Beach related jokes!

The team at Dime Racing, ended the race advancing 4 positions to 11th place. Very Close calls with Team Cadillac, and Honda Race Developments new Acura NSX made it a fun race to watch. More to come as we head to Virginia to race in the SprintX series.

We would like to thank our partners Mr. C’s Towing, Eternal Water, Watch Expo Newport Beach, and Lamborghini Squadra Corse for their support as we run this season.

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