Gathering race data from our SLS GT3

About Dime Research and Development

Dime Research and Development is a privately held American Corporation that supplies the automotive industry with engineered components, systems, and services. Based out of Huntington Beach California, Dime has multiple divisions that give the company a vast proficiency in the automotive field. From complex chassis design, to lightweight automotive composite systems, the Dime brand has grown its core competencies to meet the demands of the harshest automotive environments, while surpassing the quality its customers expect.

The company also delivers niche vehicle and parts design, development, and production for road and race vehicle applications and sets its own example in the circuit running as the premier AMG Customers Sports, American Team, and producing niche volume high-performance sports cars.

The team at Dime is dedicated to relentlessly producing the best possible systems throughout the vehicle range. Committed to performance, yet preserving the integrity of the vehicle, Dime is founded on the principals of great customer service through only the best engineering behind each and every part.

About Dime Racing

Dime Racing is the culmination of years of development and experience throughout the company. It has established itself from a need to further test and push the limits of the company’s capabilities by showing its potency on the track.

As an AMG Customer Sports Team, Dime Racing has been at the forefront of AMG Mercedes technology. A deep understanding of chassis and power-train design has allowed Dime Racing to succeed in a highly competitive field.

Dime Racing will field two GT3 spec AMG vehicles in the 2017 Pirelli World Challenge GT Championship.

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