Dime Racing Careers

Being a Part of Something Much Bigger

Valuing the role of every employee is the pinnacle of a collaborative atmosphere at Dime. We seek those that are driven with passion and a desire to continuously innovate. Be a part of something much bigger is the key driver to advancements in our research and development center and this is recognized through the many facets of Dime. All of our different business sectors offer a unique learning environment that challenges you to realize your full potential, while gaining insight from colleagues that possess a variety of expertise throughout the different departments.


Dime Automotive is a globally known niche manufacturer of high-performance vehicles, classic car parts, and accessories. View details here.


Dime Racing is the culmination of the company’s technology, innovations, and automotive efforts. The objective is to win. View details here.


Dime Innovations delivers the latest breakthroughs in technology and applies them to various ventures. View details here.